Harris County Heritage Society in Houston

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Address: 1100 Bagby St., Houston TX 77002 - MAP
Phone: (713) 655-1912
Web: www.heritagesociety.org

Harris County Heritage Society in HoustonThe Harris County Heritage Society is located in Sam Houston Park, where it maintains an enclave of historic homes and a museum open to the public.

Historic structures that have been preserved are from the early 1800s and the turn-of-the century.

The buildings include:

  • Kellum-Noble House - This 1847 structure is the oldest surviving brick home in Houston. It was built by Nathaniel Kellum, and then served as one of Houston's first private schools during the 1850s. The school was run by Zerviah Noble. The home's successful restoration efforts helped organize the Heritage Society.
  • St. John Church - Built by German farmers in 1891, this country church still has its original alter and plank pews intact.
  • The Old Place - Seeing is believing. This rough-hewn cedar cabin is believed to have been built around 1823. It is regarded as the oldest remaining structure in Harris County.
  • Also: Nichols-Rice-Cherry House, San Felipe House, Pillot House, Staiti House, Yates House, 4th Ward Cottage

Visitors will want to check out the Heritage Society Museum at Sam Houston Park, which gives more detailed information about each structure. It's also a great place to begin your walking tour.

A surprise tucked into the museum is the Duncan store, a general store built in 1878 in Egypt, Houston. It sold everything from food, to meat, to lumber to coffins.

Enjoy lunch in the Tea Room and take home a souvenir of Houston history from the gift shop.