ArtCar Museum

Art Car Museum

Address: 140 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007 - MAP
Phone: (713) 861-5526

Visit the 'Garage Mahal' of art and chrome at the Art Car Museum, a madcap foray into post-modern and avante garde artistic expression. The cars become the canvas for political, social and economic statements.

The Art Car Museum in downtown Houston showcases avante garde and post-modern art, with an emphasis on art cars, fine arts and obscure artists.

Nicknamed the "Garage Mahal," the Art Car Museum opened in 1988 at the height of the art car movement.

Talented curators and arts patrons founded the museum, especially those with a keen interest in raising awareness of the political, social and economic aspects of art. This art is so personal, that it defines the artists' mode of transportation in creative form.

But these are no ordinary custom wheels. The cars that are showcased in this museum are elaborate art cars, low riders, and other forms of transportation that are transformed into functional pieces of art. It's up to the viewer to decide how far to go.

Take the Art Car Museum for a spin. It'll take your perception of art farther than it's ever gone before.

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

Address: 3816 Caroline, Houston, TX 77004 - MAP
Phone: (713) 942-8920

Celebrate the contributions of African-American soldiers at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum. Here you'll see historical documents and artifacts that tell the story of how the fighting cavalries gained respect over the years.

The Buffalo Soldiers Museum chronicles and explores the role of African-American soldiers in every major U.S. war, from 1770 to 2000.

As the only museum in the U.S. to honor the legacy of the Buffalo Soldier, the museum features interactive, multi-media exhibits to entertain and educate visitors about African-American military history.

The Buffalo Soldiers where given their nickname by the Cheyenne Indians, who were impressed with the fighting prowess of the 10th cavalry, one of the first all-black U.S. Army units. The legacy of the Buffalo Soldier is carefully preserved in the museum, where exhibits chronicle how the all-black units shaped the development and defense of the United States, from the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War.

Among the museum's collection are historical artifacts, documents, videos, prints and other historical memorabilia

Byzantine Chapel Fresco Museum

Byzantine Chapel Fresco Museum

Address: 4011 Yupon St, Houston, TX 77006 - MAP
Phone: (713) 521-3990

Visit the Byzantine Chapel Fresco Museum, where you'll see the only intact Byzantine frescoes in the entire western hemisphere. The frescoes were taken from a church in Lysi, Cyprus in the 1980s.

Houston Fire Museum

Houston Fire Museum

Address: 2403 Milam St, Houston, TX 77006 - MAP
Phone: (713) 524-2526

Explore the heroic world of firefighters at the Houston Fire Museum, where you'll see antique firefighting equipment and uniforms on display. The museum is located in what was originally Fire Station No. 7, the first fire station built by the Houston Fire Department after it went fully paid in 1895.

Houston Museum District

Houston Museum District


Calling all art, history and culture buffs: The Houston Museum District is always the answer when the question is, What should we do in Houston? The district includes 18 museums, and 11 of them offer free admission every day.

The Houston Museum District is located in downtown Houston and works to promote the arts and cultural institutions in the area.

The Museum District encompasses 18 museums in its designated area. All of the museums feature free admission on certain days; 11 of the museums have free admission all the time.

Besides museums, the Museum District includes galleries, cultural centers and community organizations, all located within the district. The 1.5-mile area is bordered by Rice University and the Texas Medical Center, with the Mecom Fountain at its epicenter.

In addition to touring the museums, visitors can also explore exhibits, collections, workshops and live performances.

The museums that comprise the district are:

  • Buffalo Soldiers National Museum
  • Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum
  • Children's Museum of Houston
  • Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
  • Czech Cultural Center Houston
  • The Health Museum
  • Holocaust Museum Houston
  • Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
  • Houston Center for Photography
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Houston Zoo
  • The John C. Freeman Weather Museum
  • The Jung Center Of Houston
  • Lawndale Art Center
  • The Menil Collection
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
  • Rice University Art Gallery
  • The Rothko Chapel

The district was founded in 1977 and is now steered by the Houston Museum District Association.

Houston Police Department Museum

Houston Police Department Museum

Address: 1200 Travis, Houston, TX 77002 - MAP
Phone: (210) 230-2353

Satisfy your curiosity about the inner workings of a city police department at the Houston Police Department Museum. The museum features a memorial wall, badges, uniforms and other equipment utilized over the years.

John C Freeman Weather Museum

John C Freeman Weather Museum

Address: 5104 Caroline St, Houston TX 77004 - MAP
Phone: (713) 529-3076

Go ahead and talk about the weather. In fact, you'll feel like a verifiable meteorologist at the John C Freeman Weather Museum. Hands-on exhibits and experiments will keep future scientists and engineers engaged for hours.

Lone Star Flight Museum

Lone Star Flight Museum

Address: 2002 Terminal Dr, Galveston, TX 77554 - MAP
Phone: (409) 740-7722

Climb aboard a WWII-era bomber or a flight-training plane at the Lone Star Flight Museum. After a thrilling 45-minute ride, you'll want to tour the museum and check out the exhibits and collectibles on display.

Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Address: 1001 Bissonnet, Houston TX 77005 - MAP
Phone: (713) 639-7360

Take a stroll through the artful Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden, located at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. The garden is home to more than 25 works from the museum's collection, including sculptures by Henri Matisse.

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston is a masterpiece of historic proportions, with a collection of more than 57,000 works of art and more than 300,000 square feet of exhibit space. It is one of the largest museums in the U.S.

The collection dates from antiquity to modern-day. Works include Italian Renaissance paintings, French Impressionist works, photographs, American and European decorative arts, African and Pre-Columbian gold, American art, and European and American paintings and sculpture.

The complex is home to two museum buildings: the Caroline Wiess Law Building and the Audrey Jones Beck Building. To nurture and facilitate the work of studying artists, the museum also runs a studio school for adults and a junior school for young artists. The definition of art is expanded and enriched with 18 acres of public gardens and the Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden.

More than 2.5 million people visit the MFAH each year.

Museum Of Printing History

Museum Of Printing History

Address: 1324 W Clay St, Houston TX 77019 - MAP
Phone: (713) 522-4652

Learn about the history, science and art of printing at the Museum Of Printing History. Through the exhibits, you'll find out how the printed word has transformed modern culture.

The Museum of Printing History in Houston opened its doors in 1982, spurred by the interest and efforts of four local printers whose own collections of printing materials, tools and artifacts were extensive and impressive in their own right.

However, these printers wanted to ensure the preservation and understanding of their craft for future generations, especially at the dawn of the Internet age.

As one of the largest museums devoted to the art of printing, the Museum of Printing History contains 14,000 square feet of display area, a 65-seat theater, a gift shop and 15 gallery spaces. In addition to permanent exhibits, the museum displays temporary exhibits regularly.

New exhibits are rotated throughout the year and feature subjects like fine-art prints, rare books, historical documents and posters.

The goal of the museum is to educate the public and to promote a better understanding of how the modern printing press and printed communications contributed to the development of the civilized world.

Visitors will take a tour through history, chronicled by the advent and modernization of printing methods. The tour starts with the development of ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets, to the invention of moveable type, to Gutenberg's printing press. Along the way, visitors will gain a better understanding of how newspaper accounts of major wars, the distribution of the Gutenberg Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and other pivotal documents chronicle the printing revolution and its impact on society.

Artifacts in the Museum of Printing History include:

  • A Pennsylvania Gazette printed by Ben Franklin in 1765
  • Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals
  • Ancient Papyrus Fragments
  • Asian Movable Type & early Asian Printing
  • Illuminated Manuscripts
  • 1450 Gutenberg Press Replica
  • Documents printed by Samuel Bangs, first printer in Texas, with one of his presses
  • Antique Bookbinding Equipment

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Holocaust Museum Houston

Address: 5401 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77004 - MAP
Phone: (713) 942-8000

The Houston Holocaust Museum was spurred by one man's epiphany: Survivors who lived in the Houston area were getting older, and their stories of the Holocaust would fade - along with the lesson of unchecked prejudice and the power of peace.

For more than 10 years Siegi Izakson focused on his mission to create a suitable memorial and educational center. Then, in 1990, a well-known Jewish community leader embraced his idea. She used her influence to begin a successful capital campaign for a Holocaust museum in Houston.

The Houston Holocaust Museum is located in the Houston Museum district and opened in 1996, to which Izakson proclaimed, "This means the Holocaust story will not go away."

The museum is an ever-evolving, living museum. It includes a permanent exhibit and temporary exhibits on loan from other Holocaust Museums around the country.

Many who have visited here - survivors, adults, schoolchildren - have left notes, poems, artwork and gifts to express their feelings upon seeing the exhibits.

The Permanent Exhibition at the Museum is called "Bearing Witness: A Community Remembers." The tour begins with a look at life before the Holocaust and the beginning of Nazism. The exhibit then shows its insidious progression, from segregation, to imprisonment, to extermination.

Artifacts, film reels, photographs, and text panels tell the story and set the backdrop for personal accounts from local survivors in the short films "Voices" and "Voices II."

The many items on display include:

  • A World War II Holocaust Railcar - This was the type of car used to carry millions of Jews to concentration camps and, ultimately, to their deaths.
  • Danish Rescue Boat - This 1942 Danish rescue boat is the type that saved more than 7,200 Jews from almost certain execution at the hands of Nazi Germany.

Two areas of the museum encourage reflection and meditation. They are the Lack Family Memorial Room, which contains the Wall of Remembrance, the Wall of Tears and the Wall of Hope. The Memorial Wall is a place where local Holocaust survivors can commemorate their lost loved ones.

The other area for quiet reflection is called the Eric Alexander Garden of Hope, a garden dedicated to the memory of the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Address: 5800 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77030 - MAP
Phone: (713) 639-4629

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is located in the city's museum district and is one of the most heavily attended museums in the U.S., on par with heavyweight institutions like the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History, both in New York City.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science was founded in 1909 and today welcomes more than 2 million visitors a year, 600,000 of them schoolchildren. More than 1 million pieces of objects and specimens are housed in the museum's vast, four-story complex.

Special sections of the museum include the Wortham IMAX Theatre, Cockrell Butterfly Center, Burke Baker Planetarium and the George Observatory.

More than a dozen permanent exhibits explore the worlds of astronomy and space science, Native Americans, chemistry, energy, paleontology and Texas wildlife

Houston Railroad Museum

Phone: (713) 631-6612

Museum of Health and Medical Science

Address: 1515 Hermann Dr, Houston, TX 77004 - MAP
Phone: (713) 521-1515

National Museum of Funeral History

Address: 415 Barren Springs Dr, Houston, TX 77090 - MAP
Phone: (281) 876-3063

The Menil Collection

Address: 1515 Sul Ross St, Houston, TX 77006 - MAP
Phone: (713) 525-9400

The Menil Collection is an art museum founded by its namesake couple, John and Dominique Menil, who relocated from France to Houston and became pivotal figures in the growth of Houston's burgeoning cultural life.

The couple cherished art and architecture and eventually built the museum that bears the family name. They began collecting art in the 1940s and promoted modern art through several area organizations at the time.

Even after the founders' deaths, the museum continues to collect pieces in the true spirit of the couple, who believe that art revealed and explored what it means to be human. The couple strategically included in their collection pieces from different cultures and eras to reflect the full arc of human existence.

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